Membrion adds to board of directors with investor and entrepreneur, Nic Pannekeet

New board member has deep insight into global market and a history of achieving exponential growth 

Seattle, March 28, 2023 – Membrion announced today that Nic Pannekeet is a new member on their Board of Directors. He joins a board comprised of diverse water industry experts, all of whom share a common mission: to bring new, sustainable solutions for the safe supply of water to market. 

Pannekeet is the managing partner of PureTerra Ventures, a growth fund based in the Netherlands that is focused on early stage, disruptive technology to preserve water resources. PureTerra Ventures was the lead investor in the recent Series B funding round for Membrion.

“We are excited to have Nic join Membrion’s board. He brings a deep understanding of global markets and how to expand our disruptive and affordable ceramic desalination membrane to drive sustainability,” said Greg Newbloom, founder and chief executive officer of Membrion. “Together with Nic and the rest of our incredible team at Membrion, we will guide the next generation of water recycling.”

An entrepreneur to his core, Pannekeet founded and achieved exponential growth with several businesses in multiple industries. Prior to his work in venture capital with PureTerra Ventures, he co-founded 98 Sparks, a global flower business based in China that has seen exponential growth. Pannekeet also founded and leads BIC Services, a group active in trading ingredients for the food & beverage, feed, and personal care products industries. In these and other organizations, Pannekeet guided teams in sales, marketing, supply chain management, quality assurance, and distribution of goods on a global scale. He now brings these talents to Membrion, whose patented ceramic desalination membranes are integrated into the industrial processes in many common industries.

“PureTerra is always looking for disruptive technologies with a high impact footprint. Membrion has both qualities, and we are very excited to be part of this organization,” said Pannekeet. “Trucking wastewater should not be done anymore in our modern world. Membrion has taken on the challenge of eliminating the trucking of wastewater, and as a result, the world will be far better off, with a smaller carbon footprint.”


About Membrion

Membrion manufactures ceramic desalination membranes that can recover up to 98% of water in the harshest conditions. Membrion’s flexible, ceramic ion exchange membranes yield endless possibilities for water recovery, allowing manufacturers to recycle water at previously inaccessible pH ranges and with challenging trace chemicals. The membranes that Membrion creates are low fouling, require less cleaning, are oxidizer resistant, have ultra-low pH stability, and are economical. For more information, visit