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Membrion is a dynamic startup company working to solve some of the world's biggest environmental challenges. If cleaning dirty water sustainably excites you, take a look at our open positions and apply to join us! Membrion is a Seattle-based startup that takes pride in our diverse and adaptive culture; we eagerly welcome applications from historically underrepresented groups in STEM. Check out our team bios to get a sense of the variety of individuals who make up Membrion! 

Our Core Values

At Membrion, we believe that the key to our success is rooted in our shared values. Living into these 4 core values is the key to what makes us exceptional and the definition of what high performance looks like on our team.

See What Isn’t Obvious – This means looking deeply at what’s already in front of us to find patterns, anomalies, and new opportunities. We cultivate an interest in the mundane such that curiosity leads us to knowledge. We are emotionally and cognitively invested in exploration and learning. We love to challenge the status quo and are comfortable with complexity, contradiction and paradoxes.

Relentlessly Flow Like a River – This means being single-mindedly determined to achieve our goal using the path of least resistance. We change plans flexibly, adaptably and rapidly in the face of unexpected roadblocks because we know, prepare for, and embrace the fact that the plan will need to change sooner than we think. Like a river, this allows us to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles through agility and persistence of effort.

Obnoxiously Reliable – This means delivering consistency in our behaviors and actions. Our word is as good as gold – we do what we say and do what’s needed to keep our word. We plan for things to go wrong, and craft back-up plans for our back-up plan. We commit to deeply understanding what’s needed to be successful by continuing to ask questions.

All in This Together – This means that success and failure is more about alignment than accomplishment. We value and nurture partnership and collaboration across all of our professional interactions. We support each other in the hard times and celebrate with each other in the good times. We live by the platinum rule at every level of community we exist within.

Senior Engineer - Membrion is seeking a dynamic individual who is highly motivated, a creative problem solver, and exceptionally organized to join our Customer Success Team to conduct pilot and bench-top studies using our novel ceramic ion exchange membranes on real, complex industrial waste waters. This individual must have strong technical skills and experience in the water treatment space. We are looking for someone with exceptional client and vendor communication skills and who can adapt on the fly to the unexpected challenges that come with treating real, complex wastewater streams.

Senior Project Engineer - Membrion is seeking a dynamic individual who is highly motivated, a creative problem solver, and exceptionally organized to champion the development of the company’s new line of electrodialysis modules (e.g., stacks) that will optimize the performance of our novel ceramic ion exchange membranes for industrial water treatment applications.

Research Engineer Intern - Membrion is looking for dynamic engineering and science students (current Juniors, Seniors, or graduate students) who are highly motivated, creative problem solvers and exceptionally organized to help us lay the groundwork for exciting new projects.