Electro-Ceramic Desalination for Harsh Industrial Wastewater

Remove Problematic Ions to Expand Capacity, Ensure Compliance, and Eliminate Costs

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Change Your Wastewater Treatment Approach for the Better

Most companies don’t realize just how much time and money their facilities are losing on costly, inefficient, and ineffective wastewater treatment processes.

When it comes to water treatment and reclamation systems, “the way things have always been done” is rarely the best way.

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Experience Superior Wastewater Processing Solutions with Membrion

Membrion is on a mission to create circularity of the world’s most critical resources - starting with water. Streamlining treatment, enabling water re-use and improving the sustainability of industrial wastewater systems is our focus. This innovation paves the way for enhanced operational capability and sustainability, marking a significant shift from generic “one-size-fits-most” solutions.

With our patented electro-ceramic desalination technology, Membrion manufactures filtration and reclamation systems that do away with unnecessary pre-treatment stages, offering a simplified and tailored solution for every facility.


The Benefits of Electro-Ceramic Membrane Technology

Solves Key Facility Issues

Membrion’s process provides a solution to key issues experienced by many facilities:

  • Expanding wastewater treatment capacity with a small footprint system
  • Ensuring compliance for facilities dealing with regulated ions
  • Reduced operating costs from lower labor, chemicals and energy
  • Reductions in CO2 and improvements in water circularity to meet ESG goals

Adaptable to Extreme Conditions

The non-reactive nature of CeramIX® membranes make them perfect for treating highly acidic wastewater streams. They thrive under sustained exposure to ultra-low-pH and oxidizing wastewater, positioning them as a sustainable alternative to traditional methods like chemical coagulation, single-use ion exchange resins, evaporators, or off-site trucking. Membrion’s technology can also be incorporated into existing infrastructure as a “bolt-on” solution to improve efficiency and effectiveness without the need for a costly retrofitting process.

Customizable Treatment of Wastewater

The fundamental science behind Membrion’s electro-ceramic desalination (ECD) technology revolves around dissolved ions. These charged atoms and molecules can be transported out of wastewater by a surrounding electric field. Using an ion selective membrane, only the ions move into a secondary stream where they become highly concentrated. ECD demonstrates notable efficacy with heavy metal wastewater treatments, where it’s only the problematic ions that need to be removed.

Greater Independence and Control

Conventional wastewater treatment methods often necessitate reliance on third-party suppliers. Whether it's a no-show from your off-trucking provider or your regular single-use resins being unavailable, any disruption can halt operations. Membrion solutions enhance workflow and minimize unforeseen interruptions by granting you more direct control over wastewater management.

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    Efficient Heavy Metal Removal from Wastewater

    Relying on third parties can tie down your operations. Unforeseen delays can stall operations, and the potential for escalating service costs looms large. Membrion’s electro-ceramic technology specializes in purging heavy metals from wastewater streams. Explore its workings in detail on our Heavy Metal Wastewater Treatment page.
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