Ion Exchange Membranes For Industrial Wastewater

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Ion Exchange Membranes For Harsh Industrial Wastewater

When humanity first discovered how to boil water to remove impurities, it was a giant leap for civilization.

Unfortunately, recycling industrial wastewater in the third decade of the twenty-first century is still reliant on these solutions that date back to ancient Egypt.

Membrion’s mission is to help those industrial water users who aren’t satisfied with processes that are thousands of years old, and who’ve been searching for a better and lower-cost way to recycle or reuse their wastewater.

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Membrion Makes Recovering Water Worth Every Drop

While traditional polymer membranes only perform within a limited range, Membrion’s flexible, ceramic ion-exchange membranes open up endless possibilities for water recovery, allowing you to explore previously inaccessible high temperatures, low pH ranges, and challenging trace chemicals.

We help you demystify the demineralization, desalination, and dissolved metal removal processes so you can decrease your OPEX costs while recovering up to 98% of your water in the harshest conditions.


What Makes Our Ion Exchange Membranes Superior?

Desalination Benefits

  • Less frequent cleanings mean longer lasting membranes
  • Higher water recovery rates
  • Operates successfully at temperatures exceeding 60°C (140° F)

Demineralization Benefits

  • Less pretreatment of minerals required
  • Longer lasting membranes requiring fewer cleanings
  • Lower electricity needs result in significant cost savings

Electrodialysis Benefits

  • Supercharge the efficiency of the electrodialysis process
  • Better performance and lower cost than reverse osmosis
  • Operates successfully at temperatures exceeding 60°C (140° F) and pH levels below 2


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