The Highlights

We Filter Molecules

We make membranes that filters molecules under any conditions. Hot, cold, acidic, caustic, high pressure, vacuum, biologically sensitive...and by now you've got the point. No matter where you want to use them we engineer drop-in membranes to move what you want and stop what you don't.

For Many Applications

We break the trend of needing to invent a new material for every application. Need to filter large molecules for pharma? We prescribe larger pores. Need to filter multivalent ions from a waste water stream? You need small pores. Need to transport protons? We do that best! Our first membrane is for redox flow batteries.

Using Inexpensive Materials

We make high performance membranes using materials most people throw away. They're made from environmentally friendly silica gel (think beef jerky package) and yet they behave like polymers - bendable, flexible and compressible. Better performance, longer lifetime and lower cost - it's a brave new world for membranes.

It Takes a Village

Membrion, Inc. (formerly Ionic Windows LLC) is a 2017 spin-out from the laboratories of the University of Washington (UW). Commercialization funding from the UW, the Murdock Charitable Trust and Amazon helped to bridge the translation gap to a minimum viable product.

Most recently, Membrion was awarded a Phase I SBIR by the National Science Foundation for the development of a nanostructured ceramics membranes for redox flow batteries with superior performance and low cost (Award #1648517).

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