The Membrion Water Service Agreement – Redefining What is Possible with Wastewater

The Membrion Water Service Agreement – Redefining What is Possible with Wastewater

Of all the green tech offerings in the marketplace, there is only one that unlocks sustainability with a guaranteed result and a ‘have it your way’ philosophy – the Membrion water service agreement (WSA). It’s a new path, forged to encourage sustainable wastewater solutions and water circularity programs. 

What’s the alternative; the path more traveled? That one leads to the dump and is not the path to the future. For industrial wastewater treatment, the Membrion WSA is the path to sustainability through water circularity. 

“The water service agreement provides a guaranteed result. Where else is this possible? It allows us to move projects faster, and not on capital budget cycles. Unlike many situations where wastewater treatment costs fluctuate, this would be a fixed, flat rate per gallon. This allows companies to try our new technologies with low risk, easy budgeting, and to build more sustainable practices without risk,” said Greg Newbloom, CEO of Membrion.

Meet Sam Lee, a Membrion sales director and one member of #TeamMembrion working with our WSA clients. 

Sam explained the WSA: “It allows our customers to get the benefit of our electro-ceramic desalination technology (ECD) without the risk of a capital purchase or the labor involved in equipment upkeep. Additionally, the customer can benefit from Membrion’s ability to change the performance and capabilities of our system to keep up with customer process changes over time. Membrion provides a complete ECD system, maintenance, operation, and a performance guarantee for one flat per gallon treated price.”

The foundation of Membrion’s services is electro-ceramic desalination, which plays a critical role in the circular economy as Membrion transforms harsh industrial wastewater into reusable water and valuable metals and minerals. This circularity is now delivered as a service, enabling facilities to adopt ECD without any capital costs, while still earning all the environmental benefits and operational cost savings. It is a sustainable and climate-conscious alternative to trucking wastewater.

Most of us are now accustomed to software as a service agreements (SaaS), and Membrion has created the ultimate in wastewater as a service agreement – one where manufacturing facilities gain industrial capacity, recover up to 98% of their wastewater, execute metal recovery, and harvest natural resources from the water.

WSA’s can be utilized by any customer with waste, and agreements can be any duration in length. In one agreement with a corporation that supplies water fabrication equipment and services to the semiconductor industry, Membrion wastewater solutions will be integrated into the industrial water treatment system equipment and services used for semiconductor manufacturing to recover their wastewater. 

Implementing industrial wastewater treatment that meets compliance regulations can be simplified through a Membrion water service agreement. Noncompliance with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations promulgated by the EPA could yield fines or other serious repercussions. Membrion understands this and developed customizable solutions. It is the chosen industrial partner for many corporations in achieving and maintaining compliance in an economical way.

Sustainable manufacturing processes are one of the great challenges and obligations of industrial facilities. Achieving a sustainable industrial wastewater program while also achieving OPEX savings is not just something that happens in dreams and boardrooms. It occurs via collaboration on wastewater recovery. The vehicle is a Membrion WSA, where full scale performance comes before any payment. This does not contemplate the value of the metal recovery, including lithium recovery, copper recovery, or other natural resources recovered through Membrion’s ion removal system. 

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