Our Technology

A Better Membrane

Membrion® has developed a new membrane technology by borrowing materials from the food packaging industry. If you've ever purchased a package of beef jerky or dried seaweed you are familiar with silica gel. They're the little glass beads that are great at absorbing moisture. It turns out they're great at absorbing moisture because they have these really small pores - just a few atoms wide. Membrion® has a simple patent pending process to make membranes using silica gel and unlike other nanoporous ceramic membranes - they're flexible!

To-date, ceramics have not been successfully commercialized as ion exchange membranes due to their non-obvious ion transport properties. But the best part about our membranes is that only small processing changes are required to engineer the pore structure to better suit different applications. To-date, we've developed commercial cation and anion exchange membranes. If you're interested in trying them out, let us know!

A Flexbile Ceramic

The holy grail of membranes has been described as a flexible, low-cost ceramic. That's because ceramics are known to deliver significantly better stability, longer lifetime and lower fouling than polymers. But their rigidity/brittleness and extremely high costs have limited their adoption to niche markets. We solve both problems by providing the performance of a ceramic at a price lower than a polymer. Check out our video to see a nanoporous ceramic membrane that could win in any limbo contest!