It was a Milestone Q1 of 2023 for Membrion

Changing the World of Wastewater Reclamation

We were off and running in January, making water from waste, and planning to make more than ever before. Since the new year, numerous industry leaders registered votes of confidence in Membrion by participating in our Series B funding round. We also announced a collaboration with W. L. Gore & Associates, and led some great conversations about making water from waste, and treating and re-using water thought to be impossible to treat. Buckle up, because 2023 is off to the races!

In this news climate in which talks of recession dominate the headlines, we were pleased that numerous companies joined together for Membrion’s Series B funding round, which closed recently. The $7M Series B funding round was led by PureTerra Ventures, with participation from Safar Partners, GiantLeap Capital, Freeflow, and some existing investors. Nic Pannekeet, managing partner of PureTerra Ventures, and Himanshu Sekhar, co-founder and managing partner of GiantLeap Capital, joined Membrion’s Board of Directors. This round of funding will be allocated to significantly augmenting manufacturing capacity to meet current and robust future customer demand, expansion of the existing team with key hires, and additions to the IP portfolio.

January also brought the joint announcement of a collaboration between Membrion and W. L. Gore & Associates, a global leader in advanced materials research and investigative science. Together, our companies performed commercial testing of our jointly developed ultra-thin ceramic desalination membranes. Membrion and Gore have successfully demonstrated up to a 4-fold enhancement in salt flux above Membrion’s industry leading CeramIX®️ membrane in a commercial scale environment. This enables energy efficient salt, mineral, and metal removal in concentrated brines, many of which have other contaminants such as acids, oxidizers, foulants, or scalants that make them hard-to-treat. We are looking for piloting and performance validation opportunities across numerous applications and industries; contact Membrion with testing inquiries at

The end of January brought the 11th Annual American Water Summit in Los Angeles, where Membrion’s founder and CEO, Greg Newbloom spoke about “Making Water From Waste: Treating the Untreatable.” Since Membrion created the world’s first ceramic desalination membrane that removes salts, metals, and minerals from challenging wastewaters, these membranes are changing the way the market processes wastewater. 

There are three positive global impacts of the Membrion’s CeramIX® membranes. The use of these membranes supports greater resilience and the adaptation to changing climates. It is also a pathway to meeting ESG and SDG goals for sustainability in their water treatment programs and in the circularity of resources, both of water and the recovery of other valuable components from these wastewater streams. Not only this, Membrion is doing this economically. In addition to building facility resilience, and saving water, saving energy, and reducing CO2, industries are also saving money.

At the American Water Summit, we announced several unique industry examples demonstrating fantastic results from the use of Membrion technology. In electric vehicle (EV) battery wastewaters, the use of Membrion technology led to 98% of water recovery. In its use for semiconductor wastewaters, Membrion saw a 97% water recovery. In its use for applications involving cooling towers, the addition of Membrion’s technology enabled an impressive more than 20 cycles of concentration. 

Our relationship with W. L. Gore & Associates and the Series B funding will greatly accelerate Membrion’s ability to bring these resilience-supporting, sustainable, and economic programs to more industries.

The American Water Summit allowed us to connect with our customers and learn about new water treatment challenges that would be made more resilient, sustainable, and efficient using Membrion technology. We were told, “It is not hard to find new technology to improve resilience and ESG, but it is hard to find tech that does both and is economical too.” 

We understand that it is a dream to save money while also building resilience and meeting ESG and SDG sustainability goals, but Membrion turned that dream into reality. Contact us to talk about how we can bring this reality to your industry.