Industrial Water Treatment: Demineralization, Desalination & Dissolved Metals Removal

Whether you’re seeking solutions for high temperature produced water, heavy metals wastewater, brine concentration, or a different challenge altogether, the material that’s at the core of our cation and anion exchange membranes makes them more durable in a variety of harsh conditions.

Ask us about our membranes performance and treatment capabilities:

  • High temperature wastewaters (produced water)
  • Heavy metal wastewater
  • Concentration of difficult brine streams

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Estimated Cost/1000gals of Treated Wastewater:

~ $60.00

Truck & Dispose of Wastewater
~ $45.00

Evaporate Wastewater
~ $6.00

Membrion Cost

** Application & power/heating source dependent

Demineralization Advantages

Membrane scaling is a universal problem and is especially challenging at high temperature in the Oil & Gas industry. Smooth hydrocarbon membranes prevent mixing and only make the scaling problem worse. Our ceramic membranes have texture which limits scaling and the enhanced durability make them resistant to harsh chemicals like hydrogen sulfide and dissolved CO2.

Dissolved Metal Advantages

Treating heavy metal wastewater usually means operating in acidic environments with oxidizers and complexing ligands. Membrane fouling and poor chemical durability are among the limitations of traditional membrane on the market today. Membrion’s ceramic membranes have no lower pH limit and can handle harsh oxidizers present in many microelectronic wastewaters.


Our durable, ceramic ion exchange membranes can be used across a wide variety of industries because of their versatility. 

  • Microelectronics
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food & Beverage

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