News & Recognition

Rocketing Forward

Membrion™ is excited to announce a new source of funding from a California utilities consortium designated to purchase equipment for demonstration scale production! The Rocket Fund is a partnership between the Emerging Technologies Coordination Counsel, CalTech and other private donors designed to validate and scale technologies with a huge potential impact to utilities.

Let's Get Personal

Membrion™ Founder and CTO Greg Newbloom dives into the thought process behind starting Membrion™, what it means to have a commercialization mindset in a University setting and how to strike a work-life balance as an early stage Founder. Check-out the Buerk Center podcast and College of Engineering article for complimentary perspectives.

National Innovation Award

It's no surprise to us that large corporations voted our membranes as award winners! Membrion™ snagged a coveted National Innovation Award for being in the top 15% of technologies at the 2017 TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo. Read more about the honor here.

And the Winner is...

We finished 1st at the University of Washington's 20th Annual Business Plan Competition! With nearly 80 teams and 600 judges, this was no cake walk. We're proud of the plan that we've built and continue to execute on; being put through the ringer only makes us stronger. Check out our mentions from GeekWire and the UW.

Graduation Day

Get our your cameras and tissue boxes. We graduated from the Jones + Foster Accelerator Program at the University of Washington. This was a 6 month program with phenomenal business leaders that helped us to accelerate from a big idea to a validated path forward. As a bonus, we were awarded a $25K gift to help us continue our path to success! 

History of Positive Press

Membrion™ (formerly Ionic Windows) has been featured in numerous articles including the ones below:

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