Membrion Taps Global Water Expert for Seat on Advisory Board

Seattle, August 18, 2022 – Seattle-based ceramic desalination membrane startup, Membrion recently named Vinod Ramachandran to its Board of Advisors. A management consultant to the water industry, Vinod is known for guiding solutions for many of the current water challenges.

“Vinod is a strategic thinker who has a deep, global understanding of wastewater and how forward-thinking businesses can solve its challenges,” said Greg Newbloom, founder and chief executive officer of Membrion. “To our board of advisors, he brings this expertise for the benefit of Membrion and the world in general.”

The founder of Apstech Environmental, a consulting practice, Vinod has spent over two decades in the water industry working with clients across the world. Having worked with SUEZ for 13 years, he progressively advanced and expanded his reach. He has worked in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and most recently in the United States as the senior director of global open innovations, ventures, and partnerships at SUEZ. 

Vinod is an environmental engineer and postgraduate from The University of Manchester, where he was awarded a Master of Enterprise in Environmental Innovation, focused on planning and strategies for developing environmental technologies in the marketplace. 

“Before Membrion, electrodialysis (EDR) was in sleep mode. Membrion’s ceramic desalination membranes are a unique offering and have the potential to disrupt and expand the applications for EDR,” said Vinod. “I am happy to be a part of the process of providing guidance on the various aspects of Membrion’s growth, including financing, manpower, energy, and more.”

Vinod is currently based out of U.K. He also volunteers for Junior Achievement, where he trains young people on idea development, innovation, internationalization, and market research.


About Membrion

Created to help industrial facilities recycle more of their water, Membrion manufactures ceramic desalination membranes that can recover of up to 98% of water in the harshest conditions. Membrion’s flexible, ceramic ion exchange membranes yield endless possibilities for water recovery, allowing manufacturers to recycle water at previously inaccessible temperatures, pH ranges, and challenging trace chemicals. The membranes that Membrion creates are low fouling, require less cleaning, are oxidizer resistant, have ultra-low pH stability, can withstand high temperatures, and are economical. Membrion’s team of leading scientists and researchers are creating a new standard for recovering wastewater in the industrial world. Industries that benefit from Membrion products include microelectronics, mining, oil and gas, food and beverage, and more. For more information about Membrion, visit