Membrion Appoints Mark Bertler to Board of Advisors

Seattle, WA, March 22, 2022– Membrion, a ceramic desalination startup, recently announced the appointment of water industry veteran Mark Bertler to its advisory board.

Bertler is a senior corporate executive and investment banker with over 35 years experience in the global water markets. He is the managing director of the Critical Infrastructure group at The McLean Group, an investment banking firm specializing in providing merger and acquisition financial advisory services to water and environmental firms serving the residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal water markets. Bertler’s prior senior level corporate experience was at Pentair, Sta-Rite Industries, and U.S. Filter Corporation. 

“Mark brings extensive experience developing, marketing, and commercializing water and wastewater treatment technologies, equipment, and services,” said Greg Newbloom, chief executive officer of Membrion. “Because Mark has worked in every spectrum of water and wastewater, he brings a broad perspective in advising firms such as Membrion. This will be invaluable as we grow.” 

“Membrion is attacking real life, global wastewater treatment and reuse issues.  When evaluating earlier stage companies, I look to see if they check certain boxes,” Bertler said. “Some of those boxes include the quality and depth of the management team, the market opportunity, its business scalability, intellectual property position, and the strength of their value proposition. Membrion checks the boxes and is well positioned to succeed.”

Bertler earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin in Madison and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. In his spare time, Bertler leads fundraising and corporate relations for the Wishing Well International Foundation, 501(c)(3) water charity. He lives with his wife Barbara in Chicago, Illinois.

About Membrion

Created to help industrial facilities recycle more of their water, Membrion manufactures ceramic desalination membranes that can recover of up to 98% of water in the harshest conditions. Membrion’s flexible, ceramic ion exchange membranes yield endless possibilities for water recovery, allowing manufacturers to recycle water at previously inaccessible temperatures, pH ranges, and challenging trace chemicals. The membranes that Membrion creates are low fouling, require less cleaning, are oxidizer resistant, have ultra-low pH stability, can withstand high temperatures, and are economical. Membrion’s team of leading scientists and researchers are creating a new standard for recovering wastewater in the industrial world. Industries that benefit from Membrion products include microelectronics, mining, oil and gas, food and beverage, and more. For more information about Membrion, visit