Membrion to Introduce Ceramic Desalination Filters as a Sustainable Water Solution at Singapore Water Week

CEO Newbloom is an invited delegate to the Water Leaders Summit 

Seattle, WA, April 7, 2022 – Membrion is presenting a sustainable water product, its ceramic desalination membranes, at Singapore International Water Week (SIWW), the global platform for the sharing and co-creation of innovative water solutions. Chief Executive Officer, Greg Newbloom is an invited delegate to the Water Leaders Summit (WLS). 

SIWW assembles a who’s who of water leaders and innovators for multiple events, including the WLS, Water Convention, Water Expo, and business forums. As a delegate, Newbloom will engage in strategic discussions with fellow leaders at the CleanEnviro Summit Singapore, the Water Convention Hot Issues Workshop, the Environmental & Water Leaders Forum, and more. 

The critical issues include resource circularity, wastewater, resumption of water, net zero, climate resilience, digital water, and sustainability—all issues for which Membrion products are a viable and cost-effective solution. 

“Our U.S.-based company will collaborate with the world’s water industry leaders to drive solutions in support of sustainability for water programs, and this is exciting,” said Newbloom. “After building relationships virtually over the last couple of years, I’m looking forward to connecting with colleagues and building new partnerships as Membrion grows our footprint in the water sector. It will be great to discuss important industry issues and trends.” 

Breaking from traditional industrial water filter technology, Membrion’s ceramic desalination membranes are new technology for this industry. Traditional polymer membranes only perform within a limited range, but Membrion’s flexible, ceramic ion exchange membranes open up unlimited possibilities for water recovery and allow for the exploration of previously inaccessible high temperatures, low pH ranges, and challenging trace chemicals. 

At the Water Expo, which is a platform for buyers to source innovative water solutions spanning the water cycle, Newbloom will share more about the Membrion technologies that were recently honored as a SEMI Startup for Semiconductor Sustainability award finalist. 

The conference will be held from April 17 to 21, 2022 at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. 

About Membrion

Created to help industrial facilities recycle more of their water, Membrion manufactures ceramic desalination membranes that can recover of up to 98% of water in the harshest conditions. Membrion’s flexible, ceramic ion exchange membranes yield endless possibilities for water recovery, allowing manufacturers to recycle water at previously inaccessible temperatures, pH ranges, and challenging trace chemicals. The membranes that Membrion creates are low fouling, require less cleaning, are oxidizer resistant, have ultra-low pH stability, can withstand high temperatures, and are economical. Membrion’s team of leading scientists and researchers are creating a new standard for recovering wastewater in the industrial world. Industries that benefit from Membrion products include microelectronics, mining, oil and gas, food and beverage, and more. For more information about Membrion, visit