Membrion Brings Innovation to Semiconductor Industry Initiative

Membrion recently announced they are one of three water technology industry finalists for the Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability initiative led by SEMI. We recently caught up with our founder and CEO Greg Newbloom to learn more about this honor. 

“Semiconductor companies are experiencing extremely high demand. The industry’s challenges, including its expanding requirements for water and energy, are in the spotlight. SEMI is driving innovation as a way to resolve these challenges,” Greg said.

The need for semiconductors is growing dramatically, which means water technology innovation by Membrion is critical.  The Semiconductor Industry Association recently announced global semiconductor industry sales were $50.7 billion in the month of January 2022, an increase of 26.8% over the January 2021 total of $40.0 billion.

“Semiconductor facilities produce a lot of hazardous wastewaters that cannot be treated with existing membranes. Our ceramic desalination membranes help these companies meet their sustainability commitments,” Greg said.

SEMI is a global industry association representing the electronics design and manufacturing supply chain. The organization has over 2400 member companies and 1.3 million professionals worldwide who drive innovations in design, materials, equipment, software, devices, and services. The Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability initiative is one vehicle for driving greater innovation.

Membrion is a prime candidate for the Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability initiative because our ceramic desalination membranes are energy efficient and help save water – both key priorities for the industry.

Membrion has been recognized nationally for our work with ceramic desalination membranes and is bringing new products to market which are leading global change in the water industry. In a 2020 review published in Taylor & Francis Online, it was stated, “(T)he development of ceramic membranes for membrane distillation desalination is developing, gradually replacing their polymeric counterparts due to superior properties in terms of thermal, chemical and mechanical stabilities, as well as potentially longer service terms.” Membrion’s innovation is at the forefront.

There were dozens of applicants for SEMI’s competition, and Membrion is one of three finalists in the water technologies category. Membrion was selected after a multi-month competition that included submitting a business plan and pitching to industry leaders.

“We are excited to be working with so many semiconductor companies in pursuit of our shared goal of bringing greater energy-saving innovation to an industry that touches everyone, everywhere,” Greg says.