2023 in Review: The Road to Sustainability

While many of us were relaxing around our yule fires or looking to escape the family chaos, Membrion was in the final lap of its own version of a Formula 1 race that was 2023. The year began at top speed, never stopped, and it was a sure win. Membrion completed our Series B funding round, expanded our board, and … Read More

Membrion’s CeramIX® ceramic desalination membrane: Creating brine management processes you can trust

Membrion's innovative solutions demystify the processes of brine management

One of the biggest water challenges to date is what to do with brines produced in manufacturing processes. Many industries struggle to understand how to develop an effective, reliable brine management process, but the innovative solutions from Membrion demystify these processes. An expert in solving brine management issues across industries, Membrion founder and CEO, Greg Newbloom recently spoke at the … Read More