BlueTech Forum Research Event

Greg recently traveled to Vancouver to attend the Blue Tech Forum 2022 where the focus was a radical collaboration for regeneration. Since 2010, BlueTech Forum has brought together the brightest minds in the global water sector to find solutions to water challenges. This year, the focus was on creating dynamic partnerships, the key to achieving bold progress in the areas of water management and carbon emissions. Greg shared many of the advancements at Membrion to further the reuse of water using our ceramic desalination membranes with industry partners and leaders of fellow startups.

Uniquely, this event attracted a broad spectrum of influential leaders in the water industry. This included senior leaders of the users of industrial water, utilities, municipalities, technology providers, investment companies, and academic institutions. “BlueTech Forum gave me the opportunity to engage closely with peers, all of whom are sharing their knowledge and working towards similar environmental goals for preservation and regeneration,” said Greg.

Among the myriad events were speakers and round tables for collaboration. More than 40 organizations attended, and Greg built relationships with people key to developing and delivering solutions. Greg heard Paul Hawken, a renowned environmentalist, best-selling author, and entrepreneur, speak. He is the founder of Project Regeneration, a response to the urgency of the climate crisis with interlocking initiatives focused on sustainability and protecting humanity. 

Another speaker was Erica Gies, originator of the Slow Water Movement and author of Water Always Wins. Gies is an award-winning journalist who writes about climate change, water, plants, and critters for publications such as Scientific American, The New York Times, and more. Both Paul & Erica delivered captivating talks that led to a lot of introspection about our relationship with water and how we might imagine “treating” it differently (pun intended).

In all, the forum was a great way to share information. Since Membrion’s ceramic desalination membranes are low fouling and allow the regeneration of up to 98% of wastewater even at high temperatures, they are part of the radical solutions the water industry needs. Membrion shared their solution at numerous round tables and in collaborations at the forum. Since it costs at least $80 per 1000 gallons to truck and dispense wastewater, and $40 per 1000 gallons to force evaporation of wastewater, but only $6 per 1000 gallons using Membrion’s ceramic desalination membranes, Membrion’s low-cost, high-value solution is radical for sure.